We are trying to build a new social video platform, competing in probably the world’s toughest market. That is why we are building VOED on two key principles – simplicity and reality oriented.

Some very usual questions on how the app works

As a small startup from Norway, we guess you have some questions regarding how we are trying to change the way storytelling in videos is done.

Can I download VOED right now?

Soon! We are currently building a beta which will hopefully be released during the next months.

How did you come up with this idea?

A group of friends went on a vacation when one of our friends tried to dive in the swimming pool. He was terrible at diving, so we decided to capture the whole thing. Little did we know finding legal music and easy editing tools on our phones was the hardest process. We thought: “Why don´t we just build an app ourselves?”

How long have you been working on this project?

Roughly around two years. We always end up creating an idea of how the app is going to turn out when we some months later start from scratch again. This has helped us build a solid ground from what VOED will be like – video storytelling directly from your phone.

This VOED app sounds cool, but what does it mean?

VOED stands for Videos On Every Device, which we early in the process adopted as our main goal. Nowadays, everyone posts pictures online but rarely a video. Why is that? We don´t know, but we think it is because of the social pressure that has been built where you create this glorified picture of yourself online. We aim to make people comfortable showing their real selves online through video storytelling.

User-Centric Design

Video storytelling, documarketing or behind the scenes shots when creating content is all about the person behind the camera. We focus on the person rather than the finished product. That is why we have put together a team who lives for user-centric design.

Our Rockstar Developers Are Mobile App Veterans

There is hardly nothing worse than an app which not only is terrible designed, but also is slow and unstable. We are working with the best to provide our users the best experience on all levels.

Share, get feedback and be seen

VOED is not only for telling stories, it is also for getting feedback on your work. Let us say you work as a CEO in a new tech startup. A closed beta is just around the corner, but how can you work better together with your costumers? You invite them into the process as early as possible through pushing unfiltered video content. Not only can you gain feedback from them at an early stage but keeping the costumers under your wings will end up in a loyal base of fans.

Why Us


This is the tip of the rocket, the part that is actually landing on Mars. And this is the part that people remember. No one cares about getting off the ground or all of the months it took to fly over to Mars. The landing and the pictures from Mars sent to our planet is what made the whole project unique.

So what is making VOED unique? The unfiltered, real, low threshold storytelling. We are creating a community stating it is okay to post a video from the rainy days when the investor turned you down, your drone drowned in the ocean or when you simply did not have the energy write a blog post. We want you to show the world the process when doing what you love, not only the result.


In the middle of the spaceship we can find the parts taking the rocket to Mars. This is the part where VOED has to differentiate from all the other apps you consider using rather than ours.

As a startup it is hard to compete on specific video editing tools. We provide the basic, but building an AI video editor is simply not realistic where we are now. That is why we are differentiating on the design and user experience. UI and UX will both look and work really well, and the “keep it simple stupid”-thought is the core of our business. Simplicity for the people.

The given

At the bottom of the rocket we can find the engines launching the metal thing into space. This is the basic things we take for granted in a spaceship. Every ship has engines (even Musks SpaceX). This is why we are giving our users all the basic things they need in a social video platform. Editing tools, music, sharing and so on. Not very special, but it needs to be there.