VOED are now seeking investors and partners to join our journey to make storytelling easy and accessible for everyone. Scroll down to see what we can offer – and what we look for.


As an investor, you get the chance to penetrate a tough market with a team who won´t take a no for an answer. We know we will establish a great brand in the social media segment – the question is when.

We want to work together with our investors and will use your name and network for all it is worth. We want to look as you as one of our mentors, and for this we demand you are willing to put more into this project than just the money.


We have to this point raised enough to build two prototypes of the app we have comprehensive tested on several groups of potential customers. This made us find our beachhead market – young CEOs and entrepreneurs who is working on achieving what they want.

Of course, we can´t publish all of our strategies and predictions online but we would love to have a meeting with you to discuss our game plan. Please contact us at if this sound interesting.


We need great partners to succeed, but what do we really mean when saying we need partners? We mean every person who somehow can help us create the platform we want. Law firms for agreements, producers for music, Lightroom-experts for color filters, influencers for promotion and you to be one of the first users of a low-key storytelling video platform where every story is just as inspirational.

Sounds cool?

Sounds cool? Please contact us at with how you think you can contribute.