This is the VOED team – a team of friends wanting to create a way to publish more content along the way of fulfilling our dreams. We are adventurers with a passion for creating content who got tired of just seeing the upsides when following a dream. We find inspiration in seeing the whole story and aim to inspire other likeminded to tell their story.

Our Values & Vision

Our Mission

Our mission is simple – to give our users the best tools to capture their story when working towards their dreams.

Driven by Data

Data is the thing everyone is talking about. Don´t worry, your data is safe with us.

Storytelling unfiltered

This is your opportunity to connect with your followers, customers and partners on a deeper level. More process, less result. The process is a success on its own.

Your Users are Our Users

We want to create a community where everyone is invited. Bring along your followers and fans, maybe they find confidence to be a content creator themselves.

Delight & Inspire

Entrepreneurs, freelance photographers, bloggers and other content creators have all one thing in common – the drive to be more creative in their everyday life. When creating a community of inspiration and motivation, we can push boundaries which is never done before.

The Team

Kristoffer H. Kingsrød

Kristoffer H. Kingsrød

CEO & Founder

Kristoffer is a dreamer who simply can´t say no to a new project. Previously an economic and leadership student, now a full-time law student. On the spare time, Kristoffer finds peace in watching Jon Olsson´s vlogs on YouTube to motivate himself to build a crazy car the day his business is up and running. With his head spinning 24/7, he often calls the rest of the team at 03:00AM to discuss “this supercool feature I came up with when I tried to go to bed”.


Samuthiran Nirmalanathan

Samuthiran Nirmalanathan

CVO & Co-founder

Samu, as he is called by his friends, is the head of networking, making things get done and just pushing boundaries. As Kristoffer, Samu is a full-time law student as well. Besides reading corporate law and verdicts from the Norwegian Supreme Court, Samu is an absolute magician on making connections. Knows the whole city and just happen to have a friend in Silicon Valley. A dreamer as well and hustling to get shit done.


Stian Ludvigsen

Stian Ludvigsen

CMO & Co-founder

Stian has a hard time pronouncing his name in English, so when doing business he is often referred to as Stan. In our company, Stian is the working horse who just finds a way to finish a task given. Assign him the task of writing a fundraising application on Friday night, and he just disappears for the weekend. Some hours later we will find him rocking some tequilas in a club, but in some magic way the application is delivered on time. Stian has previously studied marketing and management at the Norwegian Business School, making him the head of marketing.


Mathias A. Eriksen

Mathias A. Eriksen

CPO & Co-founder

Mathias has the same struggle as Stian when pronouncing his name in English. Some kind of Norwegian-English form of Mathias is what he refers to when talking business. What we love about Mathias is how he from time to time is the most risk-oriented person in the world. Analyzing everything that can go wrong in a project and always presenting a plan B. Is it one thing Mathias hates, it is apps that you don´t understand within the first 20 seconds. That is why having a guy like Mathias to create a user experience strategy is 100% key. His studies in social behavior makes a perfect match.


What We Offer

VOED is an all new social video sharing app with all the features you need in one place. Capture your moments, edit them easily, add music and share them with your friends – all in one app.

Simple video editing

We all know the video you spent hours on editing will be posted online. We are giving you the tools to easily capture and edit the process of creating that video. Documarketing and storytelling are predicted being the top trends of 2019.

Cloud sharing

Ever been to a music concert with your friends and never received the clips your friends promised to send you? Not anymore. Create a group in the cloud and immediately access your friends clip for use in your video. Suddenly you all have access to more content.

Music for everybody

Finding music is hard. Finding good music is harder. Finding good music with the right license for your use is close to impossible. We are creating our own music library so you can download the music for your needs.

Easy visuals and UX design

We know the struggle when finding an app you do not really understand how to use. That is why we keep it simple stupid – only the features you really need will be found in the app. As Apple said – uncompromising simplicity of a design is the key.